The Yacht Clubs

The following Yacht Clubs have been invited to send representatives to the Bicentennial Regatta, reflecting the historical reach of the Royal Yacht Squadron around the yachting world and lending a truly international flavour to the event.

Annapolis Yacht Club

Annapolis, Maryland

Established 1886

British Classic Yacht Club

Aldeburgh, Suffolk

Established 2001

Cowes Town Regatta

Cowes, UK

Established 1869

Cruising Yacht Club of Australia

Sydney, Australia

Established 1964

Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club

Cowes, UK

Established 1952

Gstaad Yacht Club

Gstaad, Switzerland

Established 1998

Household Division Yacht Club

London, UK

Established 1932

Island Sailing Club

Cowes, UK

Established 1889

Kungliga Svenska SegelsÀllskapet

Stockholm, Sweden

Established 1830

New York Yacht Club

New York, USA

Established 1844

Norddeutsche Regatta Verein

Hamburg, Germany

Established 1868

Nylandska Yaktklubben

Helsinki, Finland

Established 1861

Real Club Nautica de Gran Canaria

Los Palmas, Canary Islands

Established 1908

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

Hamilton, Bermuda

Established 1844

Royal Canadian Yacht Club

Toronto, Canada

Established 1852

Royal Cape Yacht Club

Cape Town, South Africa

Established 1905

Royal Cork Yacht Club

Cork, Republic of Ireland

Established 1720

Royal Cornwall Yacht Club

Falmouth, Cornwall

Established 1871

Royal Danish Yacht Club

Copenhagen, Denmark

Established 1866

Royal Dutch Sailing & Rowing Club

Muiden, The Netherlands

Established 1847

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

Hong Kong

Established 1890

Royal Irish Yacht Club

DĂșn Laoghaire, Rep of Ireland

Established 1831

Royal London Yacht Club

Cowes, UK

Established 1838

Royal Lymington Yacht Club

Lymington, UK

Established 1922

Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club

Argyll and Bute, Scotland

Established 1937

Royal Norwegian Yacht Club

Oslo, Norway

Established 1883

Royal Ocean Racing Club

London, UK

Established 1925

Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club

Sydney, Australia

Established 1922

Royal Southampton Yacht Club

Southampton, UK

Established 1875

Royal Southern Yacht Club

Hamble, UK

Established 1837

Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron

Sydney, Australia

Established 1862

Royal Thames Yacht Club

London, UK

Established 1775

Royal Varuna Yacht Club

Pattaya, Thailand

Established 1957

Sewanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club

New York, USA

Established 1871

Societe Nautique de Geneve

Geneva, Switzerland

Established 1872

St. Francis Yacht Club

San Francisco with an out station, Tinsley Island, Stockton

Established 1927

Yacht Club Costa Smeralda

Sardinia, Italy

Established 1967

Yacht Club Italiano

Genoa, Italy

Established 1879

Yacht Club de France

Paris, France

Established 1867

Yacht Club de Monaco

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Established 1953