Zukunft IV

Zukunft IV

Zukunft IV is an S&S designed Baltic 52. The skipper Stefan Kunstmann cruised as a youngster on the boat, and has been appointed as the skipper for the BIC.

The boat belongs to the Club and is used for training by the Yacht-Schule (yacht school). The skipper is the oldest at 36, the crew is between 17 and 22 years old, averaging 20. The Yacht-Schule operates completely autonomously without any trainers or pros, from the boat maintenance via sail training to the economics everything is in the hand of the youngsters.

Stefan says “We are coming to Cowes to represent KYC in this fantastic event, and giving the young crew first-hand experience in one of the most difficult sailing areas in the world.”

The crew are: Stefan Kunstmann, Skipper/Helm, Hanna Schälke, Main/Tactic, Nis Hamer, Foredeck, s Finn Süverkrüp, Mast/Foredeck, Konrad Hügelmann, Genua Trim, Rebecca Zurek, Backstay/Spi Grinder, Philippa Sudmeyer, Pit, Paula Schälke, Backstay/Spi Grinder, Elin Schuh, Genua, Max Fischer, Mast, Victor Floß, Spi Trim, Jonas Freise, Genua Trim, Antonia von Maydell, Floater, Karolina Brandenburg, Floater/Backup Pit,

Source: MF